Two FPS Games to Look Forward to in 2018

Overkill’s The Walking Dead

Could this feed the hunger for flesh left by the nearly decade-long absence of a new Left 4 Dead title?

With an emphasis on four player co-op, this promising addition to the Walking Dead franchise tasks players with establishing roles in a team environment. Each character features their own play style, special abilities, skill trees and story arcs, and effectively managing the members of your party will go a long way towards ensuring your survival. Doubtless, a quick and stealthy approach will be preferable in dispatching the legions of ghouls, so as not to rouse the attention of their rotten cohorts. However, true savants will opt for tactics more akin to Merle Dixon, messily mowing down foes while shouting obscenities in a southern drawl. Sure, you’ll probably end up dead, but dammit, you’ll look pretty cool doing it.

Presently advertised for a Fall 2018 release, you will be able to explore the ruins of Washington, D.C. with your pals on PS4, Xbox One and PC.



A PC exclusive with a tongue-in-cheek title, GTFO is shaping up to be another quality entry in the rapidly developing field of co-op FPS games. This survival horror title will feature procedural gameplay, team-based puzzle solving and high intensity combat. A bit like solving a Rubik’s Cube while fending off sharks, really.

As a team of scavengers, you and your teammates explore the catacombs of an abandoned underground facility overrun with horrifying monsters. Thorough investigation of the nooks and crannies is encouraged if you hope to find better weapons and resources, but danger lurks around every turn. Dare you risk it? Is there a more embarrassing cause of death than being ambushed while looking under a table for something neat?

We currently don’t have a release date beyond the ambiguous 2018, but the enticing footage we’ve seen so far has already got us salivating over the prospect of getting murdered by all kinds of nasty creatures. We’re gluttons for punishment, you know.

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